Tuesday, 27 August 2013

You can always be happy

It is best to be happy. The only person who is really happy knows that she or he is in charge of that. Nobody else should be accountable for whether you are happy or not. Sometimes I feel miserable and it’s absolutely ridiculous. I think more than eighty percent of the world want to have the life and opportunities i always have very graciously been provided. I have all the food I really could possibly ever want. The fact I can literally enter the next room and have drinkable clean water is definitely a ridiculous concept to several people. I think even people around me needs to be happier sometimes but like that saying I do believe I don’t know what their life journey is about. So even if they are exceedingly rich which I think would make a lot of people happy, they might not have each of the free time and joy I experience by not merely having a great family, buddies and girlfriend, but also other fun stuffs that are happening in my lifetime. So while I look rear, my ego regrets things My partner and i haven’t done but there’s a lot of people who have done those things and aren’t as happy so I suppose what I want to do is just live within the moment and be thankful for the truly amazing experiences I have experienced. I would not be as happy when i am now if not to the choice I made back then which at the time were what I thought the good thing. I suppose that’s the only thing I could do, make the best decision to the moment and trust the major man upstairs has my back that i know he has.