Tuesday, 27 August 2013


But the minute my homework was finished, or I wasn’t in trouble, or on the rare occasion I would actually be traveling to school for something amazing. I don’t think I wanted to be a bus driver as much as I did on the days where I knew school was not going to be overly great.

But that is of course one of the great reasons that shows us that sometimes our mind can play tricks on us. When people mainly adults go, oh I wish I could go back to school and how good was that time of my life. It’s really stupid because our minds seem to only want to remember the best parts of those memories. I suppose it’s a really good thing that our brain doesn’t focus on the bad times, only the good otherwise things wouldn’t be great. I think I have a fairly good brain in terms of this problem because someone says do I miss university and the answer would be absolutely no because I can remember the hours of pain and gnashing of teeth with those frustrating solid works programs deliberately there to try and frustrate me and annoy me.
Someone asks me to remember school and again, I only remember the moths and physics classes which I really didn’t enjoy at all. Second I rammer hanging out with mates and mucking around in class and a few of the good camps. But it doesn’t mean there weren’t crazy amounts of pain in the meantime.