Friday, 30 August 2013

Love a good movie

I wonder only had the option to watch movies with the rest of my life without having to review them or anything just watch and luxuriate in them and that’s all Used to do forever would I get bored of these? I’m sure I would but I’m sure if you did anything like that with virtually no break you would get done with it so I suppose what exactly I’m thinking here is you might need a balance in a few factors. I don’t even know why I’m typing this just as on that back looks show where fran doesn’t know what she’s allowed to be doing at her new work so she just typed for the keyboard with her tongue out there. Has everything been done which should be done and people, very much like movies these days are simply just repeating ideas and doing this slightly different. Will there be considered a truly new kind of movie today that’s never be achieved. Another maytrix or inceptions? Or has every thing that has possibly been done been done with regards to fresh ideas for the unique genres of movies. I imagine we won’t know until an individual comes u p with one particular. Maybe that is what I'm meant to be doing at this time. Come up with the greatest idea ever for the movie screen plot. It would probably involve a funny actor but really good action scenes that had been violent but kids could still go and watch the movie and that way I would be able to make so much money that I would be able to have my very own chocolate fountain in my backyard which I could swim in and everyone could well be happy but I suppose so it would start to look like other things I don’t know about.