Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Be Charitable

I know that you can do nice things for ones fellow man. But I think sometimes people fall into the trap of once all over again, doing something nice for someone with regards to own gain. Once again completely attached with the ego of course. Some people strive to be seen to be doing nice things to others and as such people might go wow, how nice is indeed and so which makes so therefore feel good about themselves. At the same time they have of course ignored the person they helped in the meantime. Or perhaps if we are dealing with helping someone for spiritual pay back. Am I or others only helping someone so we are able to selfishly earn less time inside purgatory, gain better karma, obtain better universal rewards etc. Would these individuals be as nice to this kind of unfortunate person if there truly was no reward whatsoever, psychic or physical? I suppose the challenge is always to help the person in need purely in the interests of helping them and no additional reason. It’s a big obstacle, but I suppose that’s why the bible and lots of other religions say if you produce a big fuss about how that you are helping a certain person, you've already had your reward, which is what lots of other people crave, other lenders praise and attention. Meanwhile that poor person has been helped so so long as their dignity is intact Perhaps they don’t care either way that leads me to believe that what ever your motivations are, help unfortunate people anyway and keep working on yourself!