Monday, 26 August 2013

Dont take your eyes off the ball

I need to not only keep my head up after i hit the ball, but for best results I’m must actually think about the thing. When I truly think about the thing, I seem to get a fantastic contact and this makes me feel nice contained in the product. It really makes me angry after i don’t feel like this that is not healthy for me to feel as if that because stress is not good. I feel rage and i quickly feel more tired that I did before. During a game, this probably isn’t good to feel anyway at any stage. I suppose we go through many pain because when we practice it good it feels amazing, clear and fresh. I know many men and women probably wouldn’t know what I’m discussing but that has stopped me from discussing things before so I will continually implement it. I think its probably even more important to make sure I’m hitting the ball inside the warm up. By hitting the ball inside the warm up I mean looking at it and throwing my supply at it. I think what I need to do added to that is make sure maybe inside the warm up as well that I’m fully unraveling on the ball. I don’t think that is something I can concentrate in when I’m jumping but perhaps just when I’m standing. As i am jumping however I think it’s vital to hit the ball as i know I can and will to consider their heads off.