Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Dig a volleyball

There's a fine line balance between attempting to win really badly an keeping a certain skill in your head. We have come to observe course that during a game you shouldn’t have to consider the technical aspect of a skill they should just come naturally if they don’t come naturally without you having to think about it, it quite simply means you've not done enough repetition. I think in the last couple of years I should never have done enough repetition of a few skills but even skills I’m good at perhaps should be thought of while your warmup for example. But then again I'm sure I know as I’m writing this I know what the answer is and also anything less I’m just cheating myself personally really. I need to do more repetitions of those problem areas such as setting and hitting certain shots. Maybe something I wouldn’t need to completely do too much repetition of is defense. That is not saying that I have mastered protection. No, I know I have definitely not mastered defense because balls likely to certain areas are dropping and I have to work on getting to these people! I believe I can and I'll. I need to also stand facing him, low with my hands up you need to making some digs against they who shall not be bands. I know it’s extremely hard and courage should be shown but I will do that! I refuse to not get digs on these people.