Friday, 30 August 2013


Its amazing how stuffs that you do and who that you are and who you look like defines you in this world but a massive part of these has absolutely nothing about you. How you look in this world has so much effect on things its not funny, but it literally has nothing to accomplish what your face looks like, its your parents fault the method that you are whether that be good or ad with your eyes. The way you sound defines who that you are and what you turn directly into. I just listened to a guy who had a great sounding voice for the radio reading out the news but he was created with a voice that appropriate radio. What if there was someone who really wished to do radio but there voice was no good, it wouldn’t matter how tricky they tried they wouldn’t contain the right type of voice to read out the news. Its just the same with people who want to get models, if they were not given the best body type they wouldn’t be allowed to be hired by anyone. But someone who is perceive to experience a beautiful face and becomes a billionaire because of the beautiful face didn’t do anything at all to deserve that face as someone who is perceived seeing that ugly didn’t do anything to be able to deserve that face. Perhaps once again we are required face and skills by this big dog upstairs in which to help you through what we are intended to learn in this life and at last find our purpose and learn the lessons we are meant to by being about this hurtling rock through space.