Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Time for a Big Tournament Win

I suppose the thing I really want at this point of my career is to possess a big win. I suppose I must have that feeling of finishing a tournament and being really happy. This is of course not an easy course of action and I feel like I have come close many times. Even with Owens injuries I still believe we could do it for sure. I think one I continue to develop a hard tough long and strong corner swing, got my stupid sharp angle swing as well obviously, that will open up most of the court. I think the difference are likewise I have a lot of confidence running through the center of the court and also behind to be a change up. I probably need to apply these slightly more of course but I will be feeling confident with them none the less!
I also feel my jump serving to the wind with this piped elbow could finally become a bit of a serving weapon because with this piped elbow it seems to be coming out slightly harder, but in addition for whatever reason I am finding it better to depth the ball a bit which suggests I can loop it much more into the wind which people have continually done to my opinion and my partner in crime. Even when there’s no wind, I have to have the courage to work with the jump serve. I did have that courage when serving to the wind from both ends within a really very good wind earlier in the year. The no wind jump serve has to be big step for me forward motion against these teams!