Friday, 30 August 2013

I want Long Arms

It seems very doable. Everything would seem very doable if my biceps were longer. But I suppose again the reality I am offered I would not think anything different if i was born with abnormally prolonged arms. If everybody was born with long arms, and I’m speaking about if everyone had arms that had been 4 meters long, what could well be different? I think I would be a little more lazy because I wouldn’t really need to get up to do anything. It will be annoying because my arms would drag on the ground. I think I will have to wrap my arms permanently around my neck well, i wouldn’t hit anything when i will be walking. It sounds like a massive effort as I’m speaking about it now but I don’t think it would be because if we were born like this it wouldn’t be weird or perhaps uncomfortable.

It might be uncomfortable for the mum when the baby what food was in the womb if they already had ridiculously long arms so lets say that they can just grew at a rapid rate once someone was created. Everyone’s eyesight would have being better because when you would be typing on a computer you will have to be much further away, or maybe you can get around that problem by sticking your elbows out wide.

Maybe we are made perfectly for what we end up needing or perhaps we have just adjusted our universe around the body sizes we've. Maybe we should have many had bobble heads for wit sake.