Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Which job?

Each person out there has at some stage wish they had a different persons job. I believe they must wish for more money, easier job, more glamorous work, more fun job, job with more prestige are are just some of the reasons sometimes some people would wish to have someone else’s job. I think there are some jobs out there thought that people would not are looking for. Cleaning toilets, looking for lions, volunteering for painful things, getting work done in extreme conditions just to name a few. I think however that sometimes you always want a career like these. I remember once i was a kid, I say kid, I mean teenager gonna high school, I remember getting of the bus every day and it was cold, drenched, sideways winds coming right journey Antarctic barren snow planes together with horizontal rain, on my solution to get in trouble at school for without having done my homework or something else I would be in issues. All I could think happen to be how good would it is usually to be that bus driver. Inside the particular warm heated bus, had his or her thermos of coffee, little carrier of lilies, all snug in their own little private section at the front end of the bus while every little bit the door would open only reserved for a glimpse into the exterior barren winter wasteland only to have the doors once again shut and enclose the heat comfort and security of the particular bus. Sometimes I wish I happens to be driving in that bus.