Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Shoulder Injury

Another thing I have come to learn regarding injuries is that over the years they are often just muscle weakness. I suppose the very first serious injury I had was in year 12 when I had my shoulder impingement which stopped me lifting my arm up and down on my left side. Now while it eventually fixed itself through some pretty stringent theraband work, the injury repapered last summer and I could barely dig a ball on my left side which as you could imagine was quite frustrating. It was the same feeling. But I started doing some light back weights despite the pain because quite simply it was getting ester. The only time it felt really good was when I had the pump from doing the back muscles I could lift it with no pain. My trainers released my chest thought Boen therapy which felt great but the same problem would soon happen. I finally figured out that I hadn’t done chest weights in like forever so as soon as I started doing some bench press and cable flys and other exercises that are similar my shoulder problem has pretty much ceased to exist which is great. It still feels a little awkward back there in my shoulder blade even right now but its much more tame which is great. I hope to keep it like this for a very long time and never have the problem again. I suppose when I retire I will have to continue strength work to allow me to keep playing!