Sunday, 25 August 2013

Ordered new shoes online

I really hope my new shoes look excellent! I haven’t had black shoes in a very while. Last time I wore black color shoes I was wearing those slipper things everybody was wearing and isn’t fashion a new funny thing! I look at them now and so they look like they would not just be weird to wear nevertheless would also not look great. While trying on these other shoes I really didn’t think they look in which good on my foot ; however , the guy at one of several shops said that my eye probably just wasn’t accustomed to looking down at black. He really was correct, my eyes weren’t accustomed to looking down and seeing black color but that didn’t mean I want to to spend $90 on new shoes. So I went to another shop to have some similar looking shoes and they were a similar except they only had an inferior size. I did wonder to myself why they didn’t have an overabundance shoe sizes for shoes sizes which are more common. All my sizes always look like taken all the time with everything. I suppose I am the average type of size.

Anyway, because they didn’t have my size I didn’t want to spend 90 dollars on shoes I might not like that much hence the absolutely fabulous idea came into my head i should check if they sold them online, and they do! Which is fantastic so My partner and i went and bought them online but I merely hope I converted the running shoe size correctly!