Monday, 26 August 2013

What to tattoo

Exactly why against putting Japanese writing as part of your Australian logo. First of most, may Australians don’t like Japanese people due to the war. Many people my parents age had relatives and also friends who died in Japanese prison camps so it’s even if it's just a racism issue. It’s a prejudice Perhaps I can understand. Should you had an Australian product the final thing I would do inside the logo is put Asian writing from it because that’s synonymous with cheap products. The logo itself looks American, hearty, quality, old school, whatever you could possible ever want in the good product, but don’t wreck it having a completely different Asian font intended for no reason except in which some guy thinks that looks cool. Asian writing being a fashion statement went out through the two thousands. I remember every one of us used to wear lilac shirts out to discos and clubs with Hard anodized cookware writing. You don’t even see Asian tattoos beneath the bicep anymore. But maybe that’s the problem with tattoos isn’t it. If it should happen to go out of fashion then you are in a little bit of trouble. I suppose should your fashion statement was about nice hair you could change that, and of course you can change the clothes you used to be wearing, but unfortunately having a tattoo your locked in forever expect when you get the tattoo taken off. In that case you are not locked in for life but if you wish to get rid of it I’m assuming it becomes rather painful to get something permanent removed.