Friday, 30 August 2013

Box Design

Its so funny to look at an i-phone box or any apple products because the logo is so shinny which is very appealing to the eyes but its interesting that makes you feel better or worse when you see something on a box that looks good but who decided that that’s what looks good? Why does something appeal to someone now and it never used to say 20 years ago. Its just other peoples opinions I suppose, or groups if people who decide that this is in now, or that’s in now, or this is in now. That influences all of us and our opinions without ever knowing it even. That is what I really enjoy about doing design at school was how it manipulates peoples brains without those people even knowing it. I suppose it’s a form of subliminal messaging which I have learnt is illegal to do in advertising and while that plays on peoples minds without them even knowing it I suppose in a way it’s a little more obvious unless you know what your looking for, and in the words of Bill Bailey I’ve done a lot of looking! I suppose that there’s layers and layer to everything and we are all being manipulated by our governments and cooperation’s all the time without us even knowing it, so I suppose we do put a lot of trust in these institutes which I don’t necessarily know is a good thing because things don’t have a great track record and by things I meant the military industrial complex. A lot of those people involved are with in the richest .001 percent of the world but they own the majority of the worlds wealth which is just so greedy by them.