Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Fast Line Play

While my high line has been feeling quite good of late in training sometimes inside a game situation when I 'm running in square I over rotate it out when i try and push and expand my right shoulder up. While I think its still pretty sound like a good shot overall I imagine on my left high line I want to extend my hand upwards which will help me open up a tiny and help me not engage in the ball out.

I imagine, well I know that when i come in and hold my angle I realize its quite easy to play the actual shot but I think I want to do a lot of repetitions of this particular shot using Randy. I think by becoming aware of which way I’m facing When i need to play the shot accordingly so that it might become a body go on to shape the ball, or some sort of straight push, or whatever must be done. On top of this I think I want to continue to do lots and plenty of base hand work as well when I’m not only playing this particular shot but its counter which I know I’m decent at standing but jumping right now I think I give things away only extremely slightly even though I now understand that different shots are played somewhat differently and don’t think my opponents can detect these subtle differences. I can and will do whatever needs doing to beat them and In my opinion I can do this over left. It will happen.