Friday, 30 August 2013

Mood Changes

My girlfriend’s mood changed a lot due to what the weather is outside. So when she pertains to Melbourne she often gets frustrated if its grey and damp and lets be honest I don’t believe it is that great either but I do believe that’s because of what it accustomed to represent when I was a youngster and what I was allowed to do. When it was grey and raining we weren’t allowed to play footy on the oval which may always make me so particularly sad and depressed.
As I have grown up and read a number of books and learnt things from my friends around me and my coach I've got come to realize that happiness is just a mental state so it must be up to me to come to a decision whether I’m happy or not, as opposed to what this weathers doing. This has helped with a lot things in my well being, this attitude I’m talking about, but now when I wake and the weathers not good it honestly doesn’t worry me a whole lot. It’s almost exciting when its raining now to me. I suppose though that blue sky since it always has makes me feel nice but I suppose in its own way that’s also annoying when you’re inside working that you’re not benefiting from the day. So I suppose the trick will be happy no matter what the weather of whatever is going on outside. Even when the sun is developed after it rains, that was always the most depressing for me growing up because doing so was like god was teasing one to go and kick the footy outside however, you couldn’t really. My friend is actually annoyingly good at being happy no matter what. I think that’s something I could truthfully learn from him.