Monday, 26 August 2013


I don’t know why I have facial hair. Granted I could understand in ancient times you might need facial hair on your face to keep you warm but that doesn’t quite makes sense. A lot of the hairiest races live in extremely hot climates such as the middle east, Italians, Greeks and other Mediterranean countries. I really don’t know why these countries have been blessed with being able to grow copious amounts of hair on their faces and bodies, they don’t need to stay warm. Countries such as the ones where it snows heaps like northern Europe, and the like are all traditionally blonde hair and blue eyes. Now why blue eyes have nothing to do with anything I have been talking about it talks about the stereotype. These people tend to not have much body hair at all but I think these people back in the day needed it more than anyone else because they didn’t have ducted heating whereas we do. They needed the hair to protect them from the cold blustery, bad conditions. These days, most of the time I am warm not only because of the heaters that are constantly on but also the clothes I wear. But on top of that, I am not living in a cave anymore so I don’t need hair as much. But once again the stuffs always greener on the other side of the fence so I need to be grateful for how I am. Think of the other people I’m thinking of right now. Their struggle is a lot harder. Harden up.