Friday, 30 August 2013


Well it appears to be that I have come to the end of things I think I can write about which in essence when you have as broader topic as mine the sentence that I have just written which I have obviously not finished yet, sounds absolutely silly which is not great! So perhaps I should write about things that as I have mentioned previously will help me? Well that in itself is also a silly statement because everything I am writing and will write in some way will help me because I am discovering more about myself as I express things on the page even though at the current and present time I don’t know what I am on about and a  lot of the sentences I am writing especially because I am writing this during which some countries especially Brazilians which I learnt last year absolutely love having a nap in the afternoon which to be honest is exactly what I feel like doing now but that is also probably due to working the last three days. I know that one of those days cant have been on the weekend but that day was a Friday and the Friday and the whole weekend in general was extremely taxing because when you coach volleyball its so stressful because there’s nothing you can do that can give you control. I would love to be able to sub myself on court so I could make a dig or two or more especially get a block better than the kids did but I think if I was allowed to do that the kids wouldn’t have that experience that teaches them these important lessons. I did know a coach once who did that. But he was a bit of an idiot like that. Again I have to wok hard on my own ego.