Sunday, 25 August 2013

Damn Cold weather

It is really cold outside. But I don’t know if I mind all that much. It would be an interesting argument whether you would like it to be always hot or always cold? My friend said that he would prefer it to be always cold because you can always make yourself warmer but you can’t make yourself cooler once your completely down to just shorts on the couch. I suppose though that heat has a lot more fun and enjoyable things involved with it such as the beach, parties, being outside but to name a few. If it was constantly cold I would be depressed because you can’t go outside all the time and there’s not much exciting things happening outside as much. Being warm and comfortable is exiting though but only when your relaxing. The rest of the time I would imagine it would be rather boring. Being outside is also good for you and I have heard that people in Europe during those really ad winters where you literally cant go outside it is very easy to become depressed which I would imagine would not be all that much fun. Images of dreary rainy slushy buildings come into my head in Russia, Poland and England especially. I don’t think I would like to live in these countries. But having said this, I suppose there are lots of happy people in many different places with all types of weather. There are also many sad people in places that are supposed to be like paradise.