Saturday, 1 February 2014

Graphic Design

I don’t know exactly why I enjoyed doing graphics to be a subject at school. I remember the very first ever project Used to do when I ended up being quite young. I think that I was 14 in reality when I what food was in year seven. We had to get photos from magazines and trace them onto a rather large sheet of paper and then colour them within. We also received our names within block letters that was also a great deal fun. I don’t know the key reason why but I think I really did enjoy the particular structure of artwork at school.

Used to do not enjoy art all the. Perhaps because I’m the sort of persons who looks at the end result of an element that I think could explain why I continually investigate the court when I hit because I’m so adamant on which I want the results to look like. But anyway, while art might have been more enjoyable in terms of the process…but even that’s far from the truth if we are being honest as I didn’t really even take pleasure in the process. I love the procedure in graphics because it was structured so you could see the results taking form and shape. With not very much skill, one could create something which really did glimpse quite good; well I believed it looked good back then.

I did on the other hand enjoy art once i finally got in order to year 12. This of course was because you used to be allowed to do whatever you decide to want. So while I still did something artistic I was allowed to train on a grid which I'd learned to bring from graphics.