Monday, 26 August 2013

Video Games

Looking back on the video games I did spend a lot of time playing I can’t believe I did. Some of those games that just take so long to explore boring areas and puzzles that were so unbelievably hard I can’t believe I gave them so much of my time. Bu t I truly did at the time. I suppose that’s what makes people really good at something. They have to want to do it. You can force someone to play something like piano for example, and they will get good at it, but they will never be as good at playing something like the piano if they were absolutely loving it. I could never imagine putting the time and hours into piano as I have put into volleyball I think I would have gone mad. I suppose I remember when I did graphics and art in year 12. I would love doing those subjects so much that when I would do the subjects I didn’t like such as math’s first of all, but then when it came time to do graphics in the afternoon I remember being not as motivated to do it but I still would. One of my favorite things I did for graphics was copying my shoe. A planometric, isometric, front, top and side view. I still remember putting music on down in my room and absolutely loving doing it and it came out really nice. I remember my teacher showed my sketchbook to the class and it made me feel really nice.