Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Knee Injury

The other niggling injury I had which started way back in 2011 was my knee. I had never really had any issues with my knee but it hurt to squat down and gave me a really sharp pain at the top of my shin or the bottom of my knee, depending on which way you were looking at it. My trainer poked around my VMO muscle and it nearly sent me through the roof except we were outside at the time and there was no roof but I suppose sending me through the roof is just an expression so it doesn’t really matter if it makes complete sense or not. While my quad tightness in general was obviously contributing to the problem I didn’t really get it fixed properly. But not through lack of trying. Again, all this summer I was warming up with and playing on it, lifting leg weights with it amongst other things. I think it was when one of my trainers suggested it was bottom up instead of top down the weakness thing once again popped into my head and I realized I hadn’t done much work on my claves for a very long time. I did I think 1 minute of skipping, probably not even that much and tried to do a single body Wight squat and for the first time in a very long time I felt absolutely no pain. Since then I have been doing calf raises and skipping a lot and I literally have had absolutely no pain whatsoever when warming up for volleyball, or doing squats or anything which is really good!