Sunday, 1 September 2013

Volleyball Spike

Essentially the most tourturous thing about spiking to me is my thumb is incredibly flexible with regards to bending back wards. When I show people who it bends backwards they usually freak out a little, but not up to I would really want, so that can be annoying but not really bothersome. Perhaps if

I was a bit kid with a bigger ego it might annoy me terribly but now because im a grownup and getting to write stuff to put on the web which I know people will read, but print off and cherish it as though it was a mystical parchment they present in a bottle on the beach which had was able to find its way from the green land that can be obtained from Iceland which is always silly because there must be more ice in Iceland although apparently its really green i always find is really silly. Perhaps that goes to show that what we want is always something we find it difficult to have. Perhaps the grass really is greener on the reverse side of the fence or rather in another country.

I suppose if you were surviving in a country where the grass wasn’t overly green you'd probably think that. But if you did live in a place like gippsland the place that the grass statistically per square metre has been scientifically proven to be greener you would not realize that its greener because that’s the reality that's been presented in front of.

When you had never left Gippsland that's in country Victoria and constantly bloody cold and raining, perhaps everyday you'd probably wake up look out the window and think to yourself, I would love to look somewhere where the grass is actually green! But I suppose with TV and also the internet every can see other countries grass although that might should potentially be enough that will help you decide whether you have received the greenest grass or not really, we have now been drilled with all the idea that not everything we see or read via the internet is real. How ridiculous.