Monday, 30 September 2013

Switzerland is lovely

A place I wouldn’t like to live could be Poland. It seems that it is constantly cold, snowing raining and overall not a whole lot of of a nice place to reside in. I feel sorry for of which country as whole though given that they have copped it from many different countries through the years. An example of that could be from Germany in the minute world war. Poland I think has not really recovered from that sad tragic event. I have been in a town called Myslowice plus it was quite depressing. It was a compact town with a big cemetery, bullet hole ridden wales, grey slimy sad buildigns which the inhabitants were equally sad and run down. On top of the true place itself though, I think the next thunderstorm wouldn’t help the overall circumstances either.

Switzerland however had beautiful buildings along with a wonderful countryside with picturesque mountain ranges whichever way you seemed. Again though the weather I think after a few years would get me down. We have never been in a European winter but I might imagine it wouldn’t be that much fun. Summer time how ever is a lot of fun in Europe. I think that I can get through a terrible winter but I don’t think I might enjoy it all that a lot. Once I got over the really cosy pubs and snow I think I would be a bit bored. I would like to go to the snow though however. I think I would really enjoy snowboarding however as long as I wouldn’t get injured.