Monday, 30 September 2013

Pasta tastes good but its not great for you.

One food that I adore when I was a kid which i have decided that I don’t enjoy know is wheat pasta. While I still take pleasure in the taste of really nice pasta at a restaurant I don’t really have fun with this because I know that I am going to feel quite sluggish and slow straight when i eat it. I can feel it serving not very much nutrition to my system which usually doesn’t feel great. I emphasised wheat pasta because I still really enjoy corn pasta and that doesn’t help make me feel sick afterwards.

There are a lot of things that I craved when I was a young boy that I do not hunger for now. Lollies from a milk bar used to be something that I really looked forward to that you wouldn’t believe. Now a great deal of those cheap chemical filled lollies We would now not enjoy.

I also used to enjoy cheese when I was a young boy. I used to love stumbling out of bed early in Adelaide when we visited our grandparents and so i could make myself white breads sandwiches with big slabs of cheese and ham inside them. I used to love them much that Omi would then awaken and make me breakfast which could usually consist of a dairy products jaffle. I hope Omi is ok come to think of it. I hope she’s not too scared or lonely throughout her retirement home. I truly wish which i showed her more love and helped her more after i could. I suppose that’s something I could learn from and guarantee that I help and be more grateful to people who truly do help me.