Sunday, 1 September 2013


The best methods I have found in regards to teaching children is while using ancient and mystical art involving sarcasm! Now I know precisely what you’re saying, there are those often misguided people out there who have been utterly brainwashed into thinking that sarcasm isn't just not humorous, but the lowest way of humor.

Naturally, with great electrical power comes great responsibility, this can be what sarcasm represents. But this is the same for being nice. If you were nice in every situation that might be the wrong thing to do. Just as if you were angry in most situation, this would also be the wrong way to handle every single situation too. So getting back on subject matter, one must learn the ancient art and practices of sarcasm. I learnt from the great master DeScrasm el Mapcoffrecall. While I was never lucky enough to be a live in student of the truly amazing master I learn from the diagrams and pictures in the now famous publications ‘Sarcasm for that everyday teacher in the school room, ’ and ‘50 practical uses for sarcasm in every day life. ’

What these most wonderful publications taught me was the subtleties of sarcasm. Any idiot may be sarcastic, but the trick will be sarcastic without the child actually knowing. Sometimes repeating a ridiculous request on the child can make them understand that their request was stupid. This is ideal for secondary students. For primary school students this will also work, but little do the teachers are aware that the voice they put on to deny small children of bizarre requests often endangering their lives for instance eating plado for example, has brought its origins in the ancient art of sarcasm.