Sunday, 1 September 2013

Printer cartridges

Laser printers are just really annoying pieces of equipment because the cartridges always need refilling plus they are almost bloody well more expensive versus actual printer itself.

But then I was thinking to my great self that I should not select things that are frivolous of their very nature because it is so extremely easy to be angry at things or information or perhaps services and its extremely easy to become a negative Nancy towards lots connected with things.

I believe the word I was procrastinating trying to find the right word in that last sentence and I do think the word I needed was, I cant believe it nevertheless I’ve actually forgot the word I was going to use because Dave Hughes within the radio was telling a story from when he had an argument this morning or last night about someone telling him off about his dog and today I even find myself enjoying all the ads on nova. National tile guy is now speaking within the radio which actually reminds me in the ld ad he used to do where he used to be frank walker from bargain tiles.

A teacher from my university who I still know now used to say that during our classes and From the I used to laugh when he said it. He is still a quite humorous man and that’s a really good way to e in life because I enjoy talking about positive things which will in time make you some sort of much happier person than if you constantly decided to pay attention to negative things which would cause me to call you my new favorite thing and that is mungbean.