Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Oh lets have a coffee

I don’t know why individuals are obsessed with coffee these nights. I think it annoys myself, but I don’t know precisely why it annoys me. Perhaps the coffee revolution just annoys me because I don’t like coffee much. Perhaps it annoys me because healthy people still drink espresso while preaching how good it can be for them and how the remaining of their lives are thus healthy. Whats in coffee? Definitely its just caffeine, milk, as well as sugar.

But im sure if most of us were out at breakfast which can be possibly growing on me because ive started liking omelets but before I haven’t really understood why people have enjoyed paying plenty of cash for bloody toast and sausage surprise bags, if I was sitting there and I had a mars bar instead of the coffee i'm sure they would examine me like what are people doing? That’s so irresponsible! Imagine the children! And how obese everyone is because of people like me eating snickers irresponsibly in front of children and not responsibly drinking coffee in front of children like they would end up being doing. ITS EXACTLY THE SIMILAR BLOODY THING!!!! They even top off coffee with bloody chocolate sprinkles. Its even a similar bloody thing as ice lotion! Perhaps its even worse when you get addicted to caffeine.

I have no problem having people drinking coffee but providing they realize that eating candy with your breakfast is very much like doing exactly the same soft thing and all coffee will be, is a loop hole and reason for eating tasty treats each day.