Monday, 2 September 2013

My favourite color

My favorite color when I was a kid growing up was black. But then I went to school and ended up having an argument with my art teacher in which she proceeded to tell me that black wasn’t a color. I then proceeded to tell her that she was completely wrong because how could black not be a color? If it was not a color then how come I could see it? Wouldn’t everything you see be classified as color.

Black was in so many of my favorite things! Collingwood, computers, cows, my favorite cars, my favorite socks, alcohol, drink bottles, my list could invariably go on literally all day but that would be a waste of time, probably roughly the same waste of time it would be if you were reading this article right now. But research shows once someone says that something is a waste of time to read, people almost every time will continue to read the article because they feel like the author of the article really understands what the reader is going through and sympathizes with the reader because even the author realize what he is writing is complete and utter crap…or is it crap? Who knows you will most likely have to read on because in roughly two to three sentences you will find out the conclusion to my life long battle with the art fraternity regarding my obsession with what I still refer to the color black.

So in conclusion, I have been told by many proffers whose phd’s revolved around researching whether black was actually a color, they have said that black is the absence of color and therefore is not a color. But they are wrong. Because I said so. And my grammar is heaps good.