Monday, 2 September 2013

A higher power

I think I must know how to do that esp brain point. I think that it will be pretty amazing to see what’s happened during the past and even though I am the sort of person to accept things that are presented before me without question because I assume I think things are believable if there even sounds like there’s proof from the right person that tells me. It makes sense that a soul is infinite and various believes the soul does different things after one person or additional dies.

Some believe you go right to heaven and things you do for this planet directly relate to your status inside the afterlife. Is things from the church been passed on from higher power or possess the rules just been written by means of men. I have no doubt a higher power has given them plenty of information but that’s also true of a great deal of other religions and I imagine that the trick for me has now become what is from a divine source and what exactly is just from an ordinary guy like me just writing their opinion on stuff. The challenge that I see for myself in terms of believing in that reincarnation seemingly exists with this proof from that source area book, which if you haven’t read you bloody well have to.

So anyway, the challenge for me I have realized is the same as its always been. Do things out of love i do find myself doing usually I think as opposed to going any additional mile just because I know I will because that will give me good karma. Giving money to a homeless guy because I must help him or because staying nice will actually benefit me somehow later on. I like to think i am doing out of love for many who need it.