Monday, 30 September 2013

Kids Parties

I can’t believe how much fun childhood parties were in primary school. From the very moment you received the invitation you knew that an absolutely massive and extremely fun event was going to take place.

My personal favourite kid’s parties were ones at Tim zone. You got to play as many free games as you wanted to and it was so much fun! Usually when I was with mum and dad I was only allowed to play one or two games at most. It was so rare and genuinely magnificent when there was a situation, like at a party where I could play unlimited games. I truly loved these parties. My favourite games to play were the machine gun game and Virtual Cop 2. Second to these I really enjoyed playing metal slug as well as Point Blank.

I also fondly remember ten pin bowling parties. These were always fun because I am a competitive person and half way through the games I would usually get the hang of it and be able to do pretty well. I also remember the food was incredibly tasty at these parties. I particularly enjoyed the hot dogs at these parties.

M.C. Donald’s parties were strange. I remember thinking that because McDonalds is a massive franchise that their parties should also be bigger than everyone else’s. I didn’t particularly like McDonald’s food or drink so I suppose you could say there wasn’t all that much point to me going to those parties. Of course there was – the lolly bags!