Sunday, 1 September 2013


I think now what I would like to write about is something that I would like to write in code because I don’t want one to really understand it because its slightly embarrassing but Maybe living my brain sometimes lives previously and has regrets and the most effective quotes I have read recently was comparison may be the thief of joy. It is a great saying.

Somebody who you think is actually rich and has a smoking hot girlfriend/life/boat or what you may wish you had even if you know you shouldn’t. Those people examine other people who they consider are on a happier level. Who knows they could be looking at you. And you realize there’s people ‘beneath’ what you would imagine your level of happiness is and you think may look at you and you think they might wish that they had your life. And I know there’s been books revealed it but I suppose what I have to keep trying to do will be live for now and pleased the ridiculous amounts of advantage I’ve been given. And I already know just this! But alas my ego with no me even knowing it thinks on its own about other things I know I shouldn’t want or absolutely need.

But I suppose that’s the tricks and temptations as their pharmacuetical counterpart plays on oneself and must be constantly thought of. I am happy and while acting on those thoughts would make me happy from the very short term whether which be food or money or maybe lashing out at people it would not in the long run lead to happiness. But Maybe you can over think those things and those who truly provide into every urge and reside in the moment truly don’t because no person could ever truly live like that. One must train ones brain to be handled by the soul and the source not as their pharmicudical counterpart.