Monday, 2 September 2013

Really about Spiking

So anyway, now ive decided to actually write about spiking and my annoying thumb because it really has annoyed me and ive only discovered that recently and by what I mean when I say im discovering it, my coach was the one who discovers it. My thumbs likes to bend backwards which pushes my thumb pad forward which means that I hit a really shit part of my hand when I spike the volleyball which is why for a long time ive never been able to hit the ball really hard or at least make the ball come out heavier off my hand which makes it harder for the opposition to dig. So Instead of pushing my thumb in which worked for a while I have had to hold my thumb in a 90 degree position to give my hand a good shape. It is quite weird though but when I hold my thumb in this position I get a weird feeling in the bottom of my stomach in and around my groin which I have come to learn is the chi centre. Yes holding my thumb in this uncomfortable position gives me the same feeling you get when your in trouble, watch something violent on TV or hear about a horrible accident.

I must do it thought when im walking around at school or wherever because that will help drill it into my head and I will actually do it naturally. I think I don’t do it naturally when im playing or training. I am hitting a better spot in my hand when I am shooting the ball which gives me a nicer fuzzy feeling in my loins as opposed to when I didn’t so yay for me.