Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Copic markers

I don’t know why I didn’t start using copic textas earlier in my design drawing scribble career. If I did half the colouring in I did as a kid with the copic markers I would have been like the best drawer in my class room. I suppose the reason I didn’t use copic markers was because they were really expensive which is slightly dissapionting but I remember I had to by them from the store at Swinburne university which was on chapel street in prahan which I always felt was a terrible way to spell that word. I also believe that a lot of words in the English language are thoroughly spelt incorrectly. I think that it would be an extremely hard language to learn because like university, nothing makes sense. 

There are so many stupid words that are spelt even more stupidly. I mean phonics is what the study of the English language is and the way it sounds and the very word phonic is spelt with a p and a h which individualy sounds like what an f is supposed to sound like so there is no logical progression for a p and h to sound like an f which is absolutely ridiculous. I'm sure there a lot of other words that sound like this as well and I've thought of heaps in the past when I have had this conversation with other people but right now for whatever reason because I have just had food I cannot for the life me think of anything.