Monday, 2 September 2013

A Good Hand Set

The important thing to setting a volleyball on the beach is very different coming from successfully setting a volleyball on the indoor court. I originally originated from the indoor volleyball game and changed into the beach volleyball game. There are lots of differences in terms of setting which took me way too long to understand. I still struggle with many of the concepts to be honest because my hands were very very very good from indoor in terms of making the ball not spin and putting it within a certain place on the the courtroom. Apparantly on the beach that's not quite the aim. Obviously putting it somewhere remotely close to the right area is important but what I have come to learn is it is even more important to help make the ball hover and play angelic music when it's paused in the air and in addition keep the same rhythm journey pass.

To be honest I still have no idea what anyone is talking about in relation to keeping the same speed and rhythm journey pass but I have arrived at understand that keeping my hands still and not using my wrists when I set just about fixes everything. Before I was seeking to use my legs so I would go up at the baseball and my wrists would next take the ball in and out along with a different speed to what my thrusters were undergoing the ball with. So I have to keep my wrist completely still and keep going with my elbows not along with my flicky wrists!