Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Damn university

The ultimate way to get through university is to be sure you do not attend college or university. The only thing attending university will do will turn you into a jaded pawn wallowing absolutely need misery which will result in you awakening every single morning and looking within the mirror questioning not only why you might be attending and giving money for the single greatest scam in a history of the world, but all your existence and purpose in life!

But unfortunately the way society is defined up people have become used to needing a bit of paper which says you attended university even though 90% of the course was an entire and utter waste of moment. So we find ourselves confusing in a constant battle of how much do I need to do to pass every topic and walk the constant fine line between failing an interest and passing a subject. The trick is so that you can pass a subject without retaining from any of the information as it will only interfere in real life jobs. Yes, I know precisely what your thinking, there are several jos/university courses that university is relelveant for, medicine would be one of these. But, Every single other course could be condensed into quite literally half the time.

So the trick to receiving through university is to learn what you should for your specific area of work which in turn comes down to perhaps 1 from every 4 subjects per semester and as for all of those other subjects pass them, but realize when you've got a deep desire to attempt to get a good mark therefore you don’t know why, DON’T. For they are those extra subjects your university has put there to make your one year course right three year course. Ps receive degrees!