Sunday, 1 September 2013

Movie Scripts

I think while I am typing lots of things that some small minded people would call pointless I wonder if I could e working double time and a half and actually type something that would make me a billionaire. 

I think I would like to take the time to make a movie script because whenever I go to see an action movie I criticize this or that but would really be able to come up with an awesome script for a movie? If it was an action movie I suppose I would have to come up with an action scene that had not yet been done yet. I don’t know of any action scene’s that haven’t been done yet probably because they haven’t been done yet that’s why I need to think of one up I suppose.

An action scene that hasn’t been done yet is maybe between a few guys fighting in a school, no it’s been done already or maybe on a plane or a train, but that’s also been done. So where would a new action scene be able to take place that hasn’t been done? I don’t know because every time I think of a new location such as a hospital, train station, airport or school I can think of like two movies that have used those locations as part of their movie action sequence. I’m still trying to think and absolutely nothing is coming to me which is really frustrating so maybe the trick is to come up with an action scene that’s been done already and make a few slight changes to make it a little difference.