Friday, 1 November 2013


Chess is a funny sport. There have been big arguments lately as to whether it really is a legitimate sport or not. Many schools across Victoria do classify chess as a sport. I find this a little hard to do but I can see where they are coming from.

The people that say chess is a sport use some of the following arguments which I will attempt to list for you know. The first argument is that there are rules. For something to be qualified as a sport there has to be a set of rules. The next argument that is used to classify the game of Kings a sport is that there has to be physical movement. While chess can be tough I don’t know that there is too much physical movement that takes place. The physical movement that they are referring to of course is when you move the pieces on the board. I think that they are drawing a long bow here but technically they are correct.  The last argument that tends to be used is that there is intense strategy that takes place. I could not agree more about the strategic merit of the game of chess. There are many different scenarios you have to go over in your head when playing chess and it is very mentally taxing.

I am more than happy to classify chess as a sport as long as monopoly or any other board game can be deemed a sport as well because they all have rules, physical boundaries and strategy involved as well.