Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Chinese cupping

I can’t visualize anything to right about right now. To be honest I’m with a bus and there are distractions everywhere like you wouldn’t believe. The seats are incredibly small which usually wouldn’t worry me but it’s very hard to have my laptop on my lap within a comfortable position. But I suppose that I can accept that I will not be comfortable writing this. I don’t even really determine what I’m writing because of of which jarring jamming window seel that is certainly pushing into my lower back. I just found a secure position but again, the keyboard is pushing into my stomach and is too close to me so now We are in a contorted sideways place.

On top of this I just now got some cupping on my back yesterday evening which I believe is treatment, but at the same time period who knows. Often if the cups don’t go black then i feel disappointed which is silly since it means I’m loose and flexible but now they have gone very black which indicates I was tight. But it was sort involving expected because I have done a great deal of gym work without much of a break during the last four days. For some motive though, my back always feels a tad itchy after cupping which is, let’s face it, quite annoying which is further highlighted with the fact I’m sitting sideways throughout chairs that aren’t flat that's only adding to my discomfort together with this plastic window seal of doom within my back.