Sunday, 27 October 2013

Enjoy now

I've got now found a comfortable seat to sit an type on which is a massive win. Anxiety is any strange thing. It really is a brutal thing when you have it as well because whenever you are enjoying something and you might be having a truly happy time, it comes and reminds you of your problems which is never an excellent. But at the same moment, I know the big fella upstairs is shopping for me. Time and time again he lets me know he could be there guiding me through whatever troubles I'm sure are coming my way. I tell myself I trust him and I really do.

But my egoic mind state gets the way and makes me fear and doubt about various tasks of my life. I must be able to truly trust the big fella and understand that he has the grand plan which his got my back. Like a very informative video told me the other day. One has to let go of the guilt of the past and also free oneself from the fear of the future. I must live in the now and enjoy just about every moment. Today for example I am going on a bus trip to some town called Moe in your Gippsland region of Victoria. Sunshine is shining, all the kids were here punctually and I have amazing coaches with me at night who will do use many of the stressful coaching throughout the day which in fact is an amazing help! I am and will enjoy every moment and live in the now.