Wednesday, 20 November 2013

England or Australia

When i don’t think England would be a great place to call home. Whenever I imagine England I think back to Oliver Twist. Of which movie constantly got depressing imagery connected with grey, smog covered, foggy poverty. From the everywhere someone stepped these were always close for you to brown mud in addition to slush. For some purpose this powerful imagery has stayed with me at night. I suppose it could be nice place to call home these days although I still notice that in summer it doesn’t acquire much above twenty-two degrees meaning that it would just be much colder with winter. I always think that because they are just a a couple hour plane ride far from amazing places including Spain with it's luscious luxurious beaches which they would constantly always be traveling there. Then i remember that when i am at property in Melbourne When i very rarely am the Sunshine Seacoast in Queensland and that is also a brief plane ride far from paradise.

I also don’t believe I would be overly keen on warm beer. I must be in the correct mood to consume a nice cold beer as it is and when it goes warm it's not at all my cup of tea in any respect. Funny I should say that because cups of tea are stereotypically British and I enjoy them although what I most likely wouldn’t enjoy are the pompous attitude that comes and also the imagery of the cup of green tea, but I don’t believe should annoy me because it is possible to find those forms of attitudes in Sydney.