Thursday, 20 June 2013

Tips for Resume Writing

As recruiter I read a lot of resumes every day. Over the years I have developed a keen eye and it doesn't take long to decide on whether the person knows what they are doing or not. An average written and formatted resume, can have drastic impacts on the outcome of your application, starting with the next step in the process of securing a job interview. Below are three things to avoid when writing your ;

One, who told you to write a full novel about your work history, the responsibilities and achievements? Don’t bore your potential employer as they don’t have time to read through volumes of text. Be concise in your writing, tailor the text to the role you are applying for, dot points are good and make sure your work history is in chronological order.

Two, do your best to avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Thanks to the “Spelling & Grammar” check in Microsoft Word, it is easy to clean up most, if not all, errors. 

Three, it is best not to include a picture of yourself, and even more important don’t include a photo of you on your holiday or with your favourite pet. You might like to know, that most countries do not require a photo on resumes any longer, due to discrimination laws.
I hope this helps a little, good luck with your next job application!