Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tips for During your Job Interview

Don't be late!! Your interview begins with your timely arrival at the prospective employers premises. So make sure you get there 5 to 10 minutes prior to your meeting. Know the name of the person you will be meeting with. Take a deep breath and believe in yourself. If you aren't sure about yourself then the employer wont be either. 

When you meet your interviewer, give them a firm handshake but don’t squeeze. Smile and look them in the eyes. Let them lead you the way to the meeting room and wait to be asked to take a seat or sit down once they have. They will usually start with a little small talk to begin with, just to break the ice and get you to relax a little. Make sure you maintain a good level of eye contact, try not to stare but make regular eye contact. Have your hands on the table, don’t hide them. Sit up right, but stay relaxed.

People will always notice positivity and friendliness. Always smile and be yourself. Show interest by asking questions regarding the organisation, the positions and the people that work there. This shows your keen and . Answer their questions calmly and concise, make use of examples to explain your background, skills and knowledge better. If you haven’t quite understood a question, there is no harm to ask to repeat the question. If you don’t have an answer, be honest and say that you haven’t been in such a situation before or that you haven’t got this type of experience. However ensure to say what you would do if you were be in such a situation or that you are interested in learning skills and to acquire knowledge.

At the end of each interview, thank them for their time and ask when they will come back to you. Again, smile, look them in the eye and give them a firm handshake..