Sunday, 23 June 2013

Don't forget to Network!

Networking – for some networking is the key to success, for others it is something that just happens from time to time when the need arises. For some it is the regular catch up for coffee, the long overdue phone call to a former colleague, attending industry drinks or something intertwined into all your interactions, networking is undeniably an important aspect in today’s society. The internet is one fantastic avenue for networking, allowing you to connect professionally with your colleagues and industry specialist and of course socially with your family and friends.
Networking tends to naturally happen as part of many peoples’ jobs, but also for their own good and ambitions, again from both sides– professionally and socially.
Let’s look at the professional advantage of networking for your own benefits. For example if you are on the lookout for a new job opportunity, have you thought about chatting to the contacts in your network to see if they are aware of opportunities in their organisations? That bit of ‘vitamin B’ and the recommendation your contact can make to their employer, can open doors you haven’t even thought possible. In many situations your application will be handled favourably and you might find you are being considered for opportunities that haven’t been advertised.