Monday, 22 July 2013

The Bowen Therapy alternative

Bowen Therapy is a great relaxing alternative to sports massage and other regular treatments.

This logo has been created for a buddy. He has been recently a teacher for quite some time and has not long ago studied Bowen Therapy and is also now running part time practice. Although many people see various things in this logo it turned out originally designed for you to represent the hand positioning when coming up with the basic Bowen 'move' and also the colours representing in a similar way to the yin yang mark.

Now a few months on a new website has been started which is actually pretty cool and also the client is caring for this himself so it will be not 100% finished at this stage but check the idea out here :

It incorporates a pretty cool slider around the home page which has multiple layers and also animation possibilities! The site is made on good ole Wordpress.  This is by far the most beneficial things thats happened for my business in recent times. It's so easy to work with and clients adore it as they possess full control over the content of your website if they hope.