Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Health Clinic Website

Inside 1997, Caulfield Health Clinic had been established to be a naturopathic practice. More recently it was transformed to a much larger multi-modality hospital which attracts a range of health care providers including osteopathy, chiropractic, massage, beauty therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy and naturopathy.

Due to this development our people now benefit from the best services in a place permitting them to achieve optimal wellness.

Our patients benefit from our delivery with the latest facts and knowledge as well as the expertise and intelligence gathered via years regarding practising from the various methods.

The most current incarnation with the website continues to be constructed round the Wordpress file format. This allows quite a lot of flexibility. Many more features can potentially be added and taken away when needed and it also allows intended for great development when presently unavailable features are formulated and made for all to utilize.

The site comes with a full information management method allowing you to maintain all facets of the site when they wish. One of the non normal features setup for this site can be a newsletter.

A newsletter join form will be featured on the website which immediately adds users a great email database in order that they will receive each of the latest reports and specials through the clinic.

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